Art Doll Quarterly Feature

Private Collections

To date, over 300 SO SOPHIE mixed media art dolls can be found in private collections, all over my beautiful island of Cyprus and also internationally, Athens, New York, London, Dubai, Luxembourg and Zurich!


♥︎ My art dolls and I were featured in the online and printed versions of the Cyprus Mail (Nov 2021)




♥︎ My art dolls Emelie and Anja were featured in Dolls, an online magazine (Feb 2020).





♥︎ My art doll Pietra was featured in Stampington’s Art Doll Quarterly magazine (May/Jun/Jul 2018).





♥︎ Not a publication but I just have to include this special ‘share’ I got for one of my sketches by the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Instagram!


♥︎ I contributed my lesson ‘Mother Earth Goddess’ to the online Art for Earth project organised by (Apr 2021).




♥︎ I was a guest teacher on the online Whimsy Wonderland course with my lesson ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ organised by (Nov 2019).




♥︎ I was a guest teacher on the online Life Book 2018 course with my lessons ‘Listen to Your Heart’ and ‘Little Love Notes’ organised by




I have donated art dolls and Gift Vouchers to contribute to charity events.

♥︎ I specially created and donated Sunflower as a draw amongst all ticket owners for the Calendar Girls theatrical performance to raise money for the Karaiskakio Foundation (a nonprofit organisation in Cyprus and an internationally recognized Bone Marrow Donors Registry representing the biggest per capita Donor Registry in the world (Feb 2020).



♥︎ I lovingly created and donated Destiny to take part in the Sophia With Love exhibition to raise money for the Sophia for Children foundation whose operations aim to provide security and safety, board and lodging, healthcare, education and recreation to children in areas plagued by poverty and famine, especially in Kenya (Feb 2019). Highlight of my career, well she was acquired by someone rather famous,



♥︎ I donated Irini Karpasitisa as a raffle prize for the Christmas Tea Event organised by the non-profit organisarion Melathron Agapis Agion Omoloyiton which offers care, hospitalization and rehabilitation services to the elderly (Dec 2018).



♥︎ Donation of art dolls to support the Central Bank of Cyprus Christmas Art Auction for various charities (Dec 2017, Dec 2018, Dec 2019).




♥︎ Donation of art dolls and a Love Art and Beyond Gift Voucher to support the PTA’s Junior School Christmas Bazaar (Dec 2017, Dec 2018, Dec 2019)





♥︎ I took part in the Exhibit 8 Gallery Black and White exhibition in Limassol, Cyprus with my art doll Sylvie the Forest Nymph (Oct 2020).




♥︎ I took part in the Remaking Frida exhibition in Nicosia, Cyprus with my art dolls Frida Catrina and Frida Fuerte (Dec 2018).




♥︎ Last but not least, what started everything really, my first art doll exhibition. I received so many wonderful comments, selling out on the first day with over 30 new orders, that I knew I just had to continue (May 2017).