SO SOPHIE mixed media art dolls Exhibition

I had always dreamt about having an art exhibition, for years, for decades even. But I never imagined that it would be a mixed media art doll exhibition! Enough of dreaming about it, no more one day or maybe some day, it was time to go for it. After months of preparation, my dream finally came true. Well, actually, I made it come true!

Don’t get me wrong, preparing for an art exhibition is no easy undertaking. Creating the art dolls is the most obvious part of it and that in itself is a huge project. Deciding on the collections, the number of dolls, getting through the “but are they good enough to exhibit?” phase. And then there’s presentation and display, ordering boxes, business cards, packaging, music play lists, refreshments, and that’s not all. Pricing, catalogues, order forms, invitation design, invitation posts on social media. Hard work, challenging work, but oh so sweet work. And so much learning and growing on the way.

There were several collections on show: the Spring Collection, Viva la Frida Collection, Little Dolls of Art Collection and Niazoules. I’ll introduce the dolls to you in future posts!

The official launch of SO SOPHIE mixed media art dolls was very special. The creative process of making art is a very personal and esoteric one. The connection I feel with my dolls is difficult to explain. To suddenly put them out into the world for all to see is simply another kettle of fish. Thankfully, for me and my dolls, the feedback I got was wonderful and encouraging and moving, and watching people look at my work was an amazing experience! It warmed my heart to see that people loved and appreciated my dolls as much as I did! Even the little people!!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported me on the way. And one thing for all of us to remember when we want to try something new,

You can't be afraid of stepping on toes if you want to go dancing - Lew Freedman

So just go for it!
Looking forward to the next one!

Filakia, Sophie

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