Have a Break Make a Brooch

Although I absolutely love making my dolls, now that I am preparing for my art doll exhibition and I need to be making them all day, every day, well it does wear you out an itsy bit at some point! And because I want to continue to ♥ a b s o l u t e l y ♥ l o v e ♥ m a k i n g ♥ m y ♥ d o l l s ♥ I decided to take a little break over the weekend and do something completely different.

I decided to make a mixed media art brooch! As you do!

I started off making a clay circle for the base and painted a face on it that resembles my art dolls. Then I gathered some supplies, felt, fabric, beads and embroidery thread, and lo and behold I ended up with a brooch!

It was actually quite a lot of work, especially adding the beads and getting them all to face in the same direction. It was challenging and that was a good thing because it made me distance myself from doll making! Just for a bit!


I’m actually very happy with the way it turned out, even if I do say so myself. Hmmmm, maybe I should make some more… or maybe not. Back to making dolls for now. I’ve got a deadline to meet!

Filakia, Sophie

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