Turita Travels

Hello lovelies, I hope you are all well! I have been so looking forward to this post. Inspired by the travelling gnome from one of my favourite films, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulin, I've been wanting to start the Turita Travels series. In the film, Amelie persuades her father to...

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I no breathe You no breathe

Hello again everyone. I had another post planned for today but, instead, I want to introduce Amazonia which I created this past week. The Amazon fires have upset, worried and angered me and Amazonia has kind of helped me process and express some of these...

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custom art doll anime

Happy Anime Day

Hello lovelies! Happy Anime Day and say hi to Inori, my anime SO SOPHIE art doll! It's the characteristic anime eyes and hair that inspired me to create Inori! I really enjoyed making her and it's made me want to give more attention to the...

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custom art doll

Athena and her unicorn Rainbow

Hello lovelies! Yes, today is April 9th and it's Unicorn Day! Woohoo!! To celebrate I would love to introduce this custom made SO SOPHIE duo, Athena and her baby unicorn Rainbow! I made these two to be given as a gift to a special godchild who,...

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Destiny for Sophia With Love

Hello everyone. I am so proud to be taking part in the Sophia With Love exhibition organised by the Sophia Foundation. One hundred artists have been given a heart and asked to make it beat creatively! The works of heART will be on display at the...

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