Eloise the Masked Girl

WARNING: On the eve of Halloween there is a chance that you might stumble upon Eloise the Masked Girl lurking in a dark alley. But have no fear, she is not after you. She is just trying to find her way back, back home to the light. Trust me, behind her mask is the sweetest girl who has simply forgotten what it is like to smile and for her smile to be seen. Eerily she has even become comfortable hiding behind her mask.
Beware of the curse of darkness. Open your heart to love and light. Let your face feel the sun.
plague doctor art doll
plague doctor art doll

plague doctor

As you can see Eloise is inspired by the Plague Doctor quite a macabre image and hence so suited for Halloween. The sinister, masked figure is draped in a dark robe and his head covered with a broad-brimmed hat with a flat crown. Of course, the most striking feature is the mask, with its goggled eyes and bizarre pointed beak. The plague doctor is, to this day, one of the more common costumes in the Venetian Carnival. Despite its fearsome appearance the plague doctor’s ‘attire’ was intended to enable doctors to safely care for patients during the Black Death in the Middle Ages. The beak part of the mask was filled with fragrant herbs, like lavender, rosemary and lemon balm, to oppose the miasma or ‘bad air’ that was thought to be the cause of the plague!
We imagine that at the sight of the doctor the patient would feel like they were near the end. On the other hand, perhaps they were just grateful they were no longer suffering alone and the masked face was better than none at all.
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Filakia, Sophie
halloween art doll plague doctor
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