Blooming Bella

Hello again lovelies and I hope you are all well and enjoyed your weekend! Although it’s not spring I want to shower you with flowers and blooms! And to-that-end, here is Blooming Bella! She is another commissioned art doll specially created to be gifted by a beautiful young lady to her gynaecologist to express thanks for the birth of her baby! How adorable. Now, obviously, I had to make her extra special. I know, I know, I say that about all my dolls! But in this case, I imagined her somewhere in the gynaecologist’s office where maybe visiting moms-to-be caught a glimpse of her.

One of the most characteristic images that comes to mind when thinking of a pregnant woman is her holding her belly. It is her way of touching her unborn child. But it is much more than just a touch. It’s her way to express her feelings of love towards her unborn baby and to ensure that it feels loved and safe. This is an example of the magical practice of haptonomy where ‘touch’ is not only a physical act but also has an emotional meaning.

Haptonomy (from the Greek word ‘hapsis’ which means ‘touch’ and ‘nomos’ which refers to ‘rules and laws’) is a life philosophy where the body and mind are seen as one and feeling and emotions are a matter of both. It highlights the importance of feeling and touch and how it affects human relationships and happiness. There are actually haptotherapists that, among other things, can offer sessions to help expecting mums, and dads, connect with their babies by putting their hands on the belly!

Miracle of Pregnancy

It’s not unusual to hear expecting moms complain about the changes they are going through, physically and mentally! It’s a good idea to remind them that behind the symptoms, their bodies are accomplishing amazing feats every day they are expecting, and they are still beautiful and strong! Blooming Bella is a celebration of the miracle of pregnancy!

I also included pomegranates among the flowers to symbolise fertility and the fruit of her love and also abundance and good luck for her and her little one!

When a woman is pregnant she gets a lot of attention and care. When the precious baby arrives it is natural for the attention to shift and go to the baby. We wouldn’t have it any other way! But it is always important to remember that:

When a woman births, not only is a baby being born but so is a mother.

– Ruth Ehrhardt

Blessed be mother and child, today and always!
Filakia, Sophie

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