Pitter-Patter Pitter-Patter

Raindrop is such a special SO SOPHIE doll, just like the rain. She is whimsical and quirky and, even though, rather grey she is undeniably adorable and certainly made my day. She’s here to remind us to find joy in the rain and to appreciate and acknowledge its power: to give life, to refresh, to cleanse. Too much of it may cause floods and destruction but we must learn to respect that too.

Rain can also remind us that when things get a little rough in life we should try to keep in mind that “this too shall pass” or, as we say in Greek, “μπόρα είναι θα περάσει” (bora ine tha berasi). Just like a thunderstorm or a quick shower, nothing stays forever.

As I started writing this post I wondered why I love the rain so much. Maybe it’s because it simply doesn’t rain that much here in Cyprus, and when it does rain, it reminds me of my childhood years in London when it would rain, a lot!

'London is always grey,' complained an Indian woman next to me as we descended into Heathrow last week. No: London is always greys. So many greys: opalescent, dove, lead, battleship, cadet, charcoal, glaucous, that greyish mauve called Mountbatten pink, medium grey, dark medium grey, Gainsborough grey, and more besides. There they are in the clouds waiting for us to name them and love them as they deserve.

– Stuart Jeffries, Here comes the rain: why we secretly love it when it’s wet, The Guardian

Maybe it’s the pitter-patter of raindrops or the drumming of a downpour, the drama of a lightning flash and the crack of thunder, the smell of the rain-drenched earth or the twittering of birds as they seek shelter.

So I started to research (surprise, surprise) about why people like myself love the rain. I found this article on www.lifehack.org, 7 reasons why people who enjoy the rain are happier , a really interesting read! And this one too, why introverts like the rain on www.pqdiscovery.com!

Or maybe it’s because some of my favourite words are related to the rain, like, splish-splash, puddle, rainbow and wellies!

Last but not least, there can be no rainbows without the rain and just remember that every cloud has its silver lining!

And what a coincidence, on most of the days I was making her, it actually was raining! It’s even raining now as I hit the publish button!

Filakia, Sophie

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