Emoji Madness

I am so excited to introduce R i t a ! I named her after Shigetaka Kurita the Japanese guy who first came up with Emojis. Oh, Emojis! We use them every day, several times a day, to express basic feelings and phrases in an easy, convenient, quick and fun way! And they make our text messages pretty! And that can’t be bad, can it? 😍

Emojis, a form of expression that transcends language barriers and lends a gloss of emotional affect to our cold, unfeeling devices.

– Amanda Hess

Emojis are being continuously fine-tuned and expanded on with different skin colour faces, range of expressions and non-face symbols, like praying hands, clapping hands, families, a peace sign, reminder ribbons, even a pile of poo!! And the hearts ❤️, which were part of the inspiration for Emoji, are now found in so many different versions: a beating heart, a broken heart, a sparkling heart, a growing heart, different colour hearts!

Emojis have even been referred to as this millennium’s hieroglyphics!

I decorated Rita with some of my favourite Emojis and used deep pink and light blue for her hair and dress for colourful contrast. I love the way she turned out. She’s cute, fun and full of happy and cheekiness! Emoji madness!

Filakia, Sophie

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