Día de los Muertos

My first encounter with the Día de los Muertos was when I took Suzi Blu’s on line course Day of the Dead mixed media folk art girl. I loved the way she explained the holiday in her own unique way.

The Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead has become increasingly popular over the past decade and this trend had not been missed out on by Hollywood movie makers. For example, Corpse Bride the 2005 British-American animated musical fantasy film, The Book of Life the 2014 3D animated movie and Spectre the 2015 James Bond movie all have influences from the Day of the Dead.

The strong imagery associated with this holiday, its central belief that on those days the spirits of loved ones that have passed are allowed to join the living and as put wonderfully by Alex Heigl,

Día De Los Muertos is about celebrating life, not mourning death. It’s a joyous holiday, one that winks at death instead of crying over it.

are what I believe make this holiday so intriguing.

Filakia, Sophie

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