Watch THE trailer, scroll down TO learn more, about THE film. Retina is a full length feature film, shot entirely by a three-person crew. Carlos Ferrer completed all post-production himself. Learn more about the making. Retina in the, lA Times, symptoms of retinal tear Studio Daily and more! Retina will be available on VOD and DVD in 2018. Q A with Filmmaker Carlos Ferrer, story. A young woman (Lindsay Goranson) participates in a medical study. After a series of nightmares and unusual side effects, the line between dreams and reality is blurred. She finds herself on the run from those involved, desperate to retinal art uncover the truth. Starring, lindsay Goranson, Gary Swanson, Ron Haxton Ian Temple, filmmaker / writer / director, carlos Ferrer. Production assistants, joshua Jenks Jared Slade Goldman, production company, cGF Films. Gallery, release Dates 2018, original Score, composed by Carlos Ferrer, director's Journal. Behind THE scenes / timeline, learn more about the making of retina from Director. Read these entries to get a sneak peak at the entire process from pre-production to screening the film. Find out why it took six years to complete the film. To learn more about Carlos Ferrer, visit his website at m, pre-Production "I began how to sleep after retinal detachment surgery pre-production after putting some final touches on the script. As soon as we had a cast in place, we began rehearsing scenes, testing out wardrobe, developing the overall look of the film. I concentrated heavily on the use of color - blues, greens, mostly earth tones. I've worked with traditional crews retin-a topical cream reviews before but on retina, I wanted the intimacy of a small group so that we could move around easily and collaborate more effectively. Subsequently, I knew if I was going to shoot a feature film with such a small crew, I'd need people I could trust. So I called two good friends, Joshua Jenks and Jared Slade Goldman. I asked if they'd assist me while shooting the film, they both agreed so we began shooting." - Carlos Ferrer Production "We worked long hours, retin-a official website shooting in New York City in the dead of winter. There were so few of us retin-a meksyk on set, just two crew members, myself, retin-a official website and the actors. At the end of each day, I'd look over what we shot and do a quick edit to see how the story was coming together. I think seeing the film come to life in that way, got us all on the same page and even more excited about telling the story. We experienced great days and difficult days, but every production does. Overall, the shoot was a lot of fun and I'm grateful for the performances the actors retin-a official website gave. Lindsay Goranson and the rest of the cast immersed themselves into the minds of their characters. Their performances hold the film together from start to finish. After working for so many years on this picture, that means everything." - Carlos Ferrer Post "I remember people asking when I'd be done with retina. I'd say "a few months, maybe a year" - I was a little over my head. I had a very specific vision in mind and thought I had the skill-set to pull it off. Turns out, I needed to learn. Composing, sound design and visual effects are just a few of the areas I needed to brush.

Retin-a acne treatment

Buy Retin A Cream, uS Brand Name, tretinoin Cream. Brand Name, retin A Cream, generic Name, retin A Cream ( Tretinoin). Packing 20mg, manufacturer, johnson johnson PVT LTD, form. Cream and Gel, strength.025,.05,.1, shipment Time 7 to 15 days. What is Acne Vulgaris? How is it caused? Harmonal changes bring in a whole lot of transformation in teenagers, including their facial skin. The excess oil secreted by facial skin along with dead skin is clogged with hair follicles. It takes the retin-a acne treatment form of blackheads, whiteheads or pimples and subsequent scarring. This is called acne! During the period of puberty in both sexes acne is triggered by sudden rush of hormones such as testosterone. This in turn leads to excessive growth of bacterium called. Acne marred face creates retin-a acne treatment embarrassment in teenagers and even leads to anxiety, reduced self confidence and in extreme cases causes depression and even suicidal thoughts! Types of Acne, acne can grip you in various parts of body especially at places where most sebaceous glands are located like face, neck, chest and back. With retin-a acne treatment men it is mostly near and around the nose where you find blackheads and whiteheads appearing thick and fast. Acne in the form of papules (small pink to reddish brown bumps pustules (pus-filled lesions nodules and cysts (deeper pus-filled lesions) are nightmarish and devastatingly ugly. They can result in permanent scars that can appear to be depressions in your facial skin or hyper-pigmentation which is dark red or brown flat marks appearing in place of acne lesions. You simply hate to live with acne and desperately want to get rid of it at the earliest possible! Retino-A, the best solution for acne! Retino A is the most popular and commonly used Tretinoin cream retin-a acne treatment in India to treat Acne vulgaris, acne scar treatment and sun-damaged skin in both men and women. It comes.025 and.05 Tretinoin (acid form of Vitamin A). The same cream is available as Retin A and Retisol A in other countries.

Retinal pigment degeneration

The pigmented layer of retina or retinal pigment epithelium rPE ) is the pigmented cell layer just outside the neurosensory retina that nourishes retinal visual cells, and is firmly attached to the underlying choroid and overlying retinal visual cells. 1 2, contents, history edit, choroid dissected from a calf's eye, showing black RPE and iridescent blue tapetum lucidum. The RPE was known in the 18th and 19th centuries as the pigmentum nigrum, referring to the observation that the RPE is dark (black in many animals, brown in humans) ; and as the tapetum nigrum, referring to the observation that in animals with a tapetum. 3, anatomy edit, the RPE is composed of a single layer of hexagonal cells that are densely packed with pigment granules. 1, at the ora serrata, the RPE continues as a membrane passing over the ciliary body and continuing as the back surface of the iris. This generates the fibers of the dilator. Directly beneath this epithelium is the neuroepithelium (i.e., rods and cones ) passes jointly with the RPE. Both, combined, are understood to be retinal pigment degeneration the ciliary epithelium of the embryo. The front end continuation of the retina is the posterior iris epithelium, which takes on pigment when retinal pigment degeneration it enters the iris. 4, when viewed from the outer surface, these cells are smooth and hexagonal in shape. When seen in section, each cell consists of an outer non-pigmented part containing a large oval nucleus and an inner pigmented portion which extends as a series of straight thread-like processes between the rods, this being especially the case when the eye is exposed. Function edit The RPE has retinal pigment degeneration several functions, 5 namely, light absorption, epithelial transport, spatial ion buffering, visual cycle, phagocytosis, secretion and immune modulation. Light absorption : RPE are responsible for absorbing scattered light. This role is very important for two main reasons, first, to improve retinal pigment degeneration the quality of the optical system, second, light is radiation, and it is concentrated by a lens onto the cells of the macula, resulting in a strong concentration of photo-oxidative energy. Melanosomes absorb the scattered light and thus diminish the photo-oxidative stress. The high perfusion of retina brings a high oxygen tension environment. The combination of light and oxygen brings oxidative stress, and RPEs have many mechanism to cope with. Epithelial transport : As mentioned above, RPE compose the bloodretinal barrier, the epithelia has tight junctions between the lateral surfaces and implies an isolation of the inner retina from the systemic influences. This is important for the immune privilege (not only as barrier, but with signalling process as well) of eyes, a highly selective transport of substances for a tightly controlled environment. RPE supply nutrients to photoreceptors, control ion homeostasis and eliminate water and metabolites. Spatial buffering of ions : Changes in the subretinal space are fast and require a capacitative compensation by RPE 6 many cells are involved in transduction of light and if they are not compensated for, they are no longer excitable and proper transduction would not. The normal retinal pigment degeneration transepithelial transport of ions would be too slow to compensate quickly enough for these changes, there are many underlying mechanisms based on the activity of voltage-dependent ion channels add to the basic transepithelial transport of ions. 7 Visual cycle : The visual cycle fulfills an essential task of maintaining visual function and needs therefore to be adapted to different visual needs such as vision in darkness or lightness. For this, functional aspects come into play: the storage of retinal and the adaption of the reaction speed. Basically vision at low light intensities requires a lower turn-over rate of the visual cycle whereas during light the turn-over rate is much higher. In the transition from darkness to light suddenly, large amount of 11-cis retinal is required.

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