Vava and Marc Chagall

Hello everyone! Today is International Museum Day and the A.G.Leventis Gallery here in Cyprus has invited us to join in the celebrations by sharing what we feel about one of the paintings from its collections. How could I resist?! Looking at the selection of paintings we...

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girl with a pearl earring art doll

Girl With A Pearl Earring

It all started when I watched Exhibition on Screen's documentary Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse currently available for free on the Royal Academy of Arts YouTube channel. I absolutely loved it! I was eager to see if they had made more art related documentaries and searched...

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Umbels, Spurs and Peduncles

After being cooped up at home for so long, Turita desperately wanted to find something to study and observe on a daily basis, to keep her preoccupied. So, when she noticed that our Hoya had a bud for the first time, Turita proclaimed herself a...

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